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Saturday, November 21, 2015

ABX 2015

On Thursday, November 19, part of the freshman class and two sophomores took a trip into Boston to attend ABX. ABX is an annual trade show where companies from every corner of the industry come to promote their products and educate attendees about new, cutting-edge technologies.  
Professor Rose Botti-Salitsky, Ashley Crosby, Casey Whitney, Brenna Edward, Mikayla Dobson, Grace Herron
Once we arrived at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, we split off and started exploring all the different stations and companies that were there..... after taking a group picture of course. 
Jessica Shaughnessy, Joe Arcuri, Mikayla Dobson, Samantha Plant, Ercilia Peres, Brenna Edward, Grace Herron, Casey Whitney, Ashley Crosby, Christie Poole
There were so many companies and products to learn about, we couldn't wait to get started. Making our way down the aisles, we made sure to stop at as many companies as we could, to say hello and introduce ourselves. By doing so, we ended up learning about several interesting products that we may not have learned about otherwise! 
Joe Arcuri with Mark Black (SkyDeck)
One of the first products that we came across was an entertainment rigging system, called SkyDeck. We learned about the benefits of this product compared to other systems, saw pictures of institutions where it was installed and we got to try the product out (we were able to walk on it and feel the support it provides)! Thank you to their representative, Mark Black, for taking the time to talk to us and explain this very cool product! 

The next product that we learned about was an engineered wood siding, KWP. This is a product made through sustainable practices as well as innovative practices. In fact, Professor Rose mentioned that she used this siding on our her own house!

As we made our way around the expo, we saw an abundance of products and materials that interested us. We spoke in depth with a few more company representatives to gain a better knowledge and understanding of their product. By talking to these representatives and just walking around and viewing materials and products, we all came up with new ideas for projects we're working on, or found a product we liked a lot and now want to incorporate into our design! It was an amazing learning experience. 

Ashley and Grace are currently working on an office design in their Studio III class, and they came across a company called New England Sound Proofing. They spoke with Joseph Drago, who explained the product to them, and they both decided they wanted to use them in their design right away. It's great how that works! You see a product that looks interesting, learn and educate yourself about it, and then use it. It was great to speak with Joseph and learn the importance of his company's product, as well as see the product. 

Below are plenty more pictures taken throughout the day. As you can see, we had a fantastic time at ABX gaining some knowledge and meeting new people.

Ashley Crosby, Joe Arcuri, Jessica Shaughnessy, Prof. Rose Botti-Salitsky with Blake Rothstein, learning about Bluebeam Software

Joe Arcuri, Ashley Crosby, with Brendan Mercier from Dekton learning about their products. 
This is nail polish that got painted onto a tile from Dekton... then set on fire... and was just wiped away. Tile was fine... Awesome!

From study sessions on the ride in (oh Art History- everyone's favorite class, right?), to navigating our way around Boston (if you know Rose at all, you know her driving this van in Boston was a trip!) we had a wonderful day learning more about our major and getting to bond with each other outside of the classroom! Until next year, ABX!


On Friday November 13th Mount Ida Interior Design students volunteered at ReStore. ReStore is a store that sells donated items and all the proceeds go towards Habitat for Humanity. Throughout the day students helped with different activities, like stocking the shells and pricing objects! 

Thank you to Lanna Cohen for arranging this awesome trip for our USGBC group! 

GREENBUILD 2015 - Last Day

Friday, November 20th was our last day in Washington D.C. and at Greenbuild. After our last volunteering session we went out to lunch at Busboys and Poets and then went to explore the city! Our first stop at the National Mall was the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of American History.  

From there we walked over to the Washington Monument and snapped a group picture before going to the World War II Memorial

By the time we arrived back at the airport we were all very tired, but everything about this trip was worth it, from Greenbuild itself, to the people we met, and the memories we gained.

Of course this trip would not have happened if it was not for our professor Stephanie McGoldrick and two juniors, Melissa Pastore and Leah Truesdell for starting an USBGC group here at Mount Ida College, so a big thank you goes out to the three of you!  

GREENBUILD 2015 - Second Day

On Thursday November 19th the nine of us volunteered at Greenbuild by standing at recycling centers and teaching some attendees about recyclable products, along with other various activities! We've been gaining information that will help with our sustainable designs within our studio classes throughout educational sessions.

That night we attended the the Greenbuild celebration  at the Newseum where we had a fun night of dancing to the band Fitz & the Tantrums. We especially enjoyed the all glass elevators that brought us up to the roof deck where we could see the Capitol Building and the National Gallery of Art.  

GREENBUILD 2015 - First Day

 It's Wednesday November 18th at 6:45am and after a hectic morning of getting to the airport on time and going through airport security, we are now on a plane en route to Washington, D.C.! While there we will be attending GREENBUILD, the largest green materials expo in the world.

Around 7:30am we landed in Washington, D.C., from there we stopped by our hotel and went straight to Greenbuild! The first day we explored the expo and attended various lectures about sustainable design! 

Before we knew if, it was time for the the BOLD awards party and a group dinner in Gallery Place at Clyde's

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Interface Presentation

On Friday, October 30th the sophomore class was given a presentation in their Building Construction and Materials class by Tom Nutter from Interface! Their mission is to show that sustainability is important to the company and Tom told us they make carpet from discarded fishing nets from across seas! Learning about the different ways to incorporate sustainability into our designs will help us with many upcoming projects!
Thank you again to Tom Nutter from Interface

Friday, November 6, 2015

IIDA NE Fashion Show 2015

November 5th was quite a day for a number of Mount Ida Interior Design students as well as our faculty members. We arrived early to help volunteer and set up for the show, during this time we helped to make the centerpieces, stocked each table with flyer's from the show, helped attendees to find their nametags at registration, and helped other firms prepare for the show! When 8PM rolled around everyone was in anticipation to see the three outfits on stage that we all worked on as a team. 

The theme of this years IIDA Fashion Show was SENSEation. Nicolette Gordon came up with an amazing concept,  the Jewel Beetle. The Jewel Beetle senses the smoke from a fire and lays it's eggs there, giving the idea for our sensations. Makayla MacSaveny wore the outfit representing smoke, Megan Jewell represented fire and Cassidy Dickeson was the Beetle itself.
Left to Right- Makayla (Smoke), Cassidy (Beetle) and Megan (Fire)

We would like to thank Webster and Company for partnering with us to create these amazing outfits. Also, thank you to Aleta May Deyo and Alfredo Lujan from Mount Ida's Fashion department for advising us along the way and helping us put the pieces together. Lastly, thank you to Romario Accime for doing our models hair, and Sarah Malone for doing their makeup. We would not have had such a successful show without the help from all of these amazing people! 

Cassidy Dickeson, the Jewel Beetle 
Megan Jewell, Fire
Makayla MacSaveny, Smoke
After the winners were announced, the after party started, which was arguably the best part of the night. Everyone danced the night away and celebrated the stress of the competition being over. We cannot wait to participate again next year!

Enjoy some more pictures and videos from before/during/after the show below. We had a blast and we hope that you can see that!

Grace Herron and MaryKate Reidy, Volunteers
Cassidy Dickeson and Grace Herron, Model and Volunteer

Stacey Marino, Casey Whitney, Grace Herron and MaryKate Reidy (Volunteers) helping make the beautiful center pieces
Cassidy Dickeson (Model), Monica Johnson (Professor), Grace Herron (Volunteer)
Stephanie McGoldrick (Professor), Ashley Cahill, Casey Whitney, Stacey Marino (Volunteers)
Grace Herron and Stacey Marino (Volunteers)
Jill, Jason Donati (Dean of The School of Design), Makayla MacSaveny (Model) 
Cassidy Dickeson's hair, done by Romario Accime
Megan Jewell's hair, done by Romario Accime
Preparing the centerpieces!
The tables are set and ready to go!
Grace Herron, Cassidy Dickeson, Makayla MacSaveny

Our models and MaryKate enjoying their time backstage, watching another firm. 

Grace and MaryKate singing along at the after-party

Our models on the runway!

(As you can tell, it was a selfie filled night for us!)

Until next year!