Sunday, February 5, 2017

Boston Design Center Experience

Boston Design Center Trip Experience – January 30th, 2017
By: Rhiannon Sulik
Century Furniture Custom Table

Inside the Duralee Showroom
            When I first heard that we would be taking a trip to the design center for our first residential design project I was thrilled. My past experience with the building was attending a Career Day held by the firms and show rooms to demonstrate all the different career options you truly have with an Interior Architecture degree. But going in to the design center this time was more of a tutorial as to how I would come in as a designer with real world problems and how I would find exactly what my client wants, custom or not.
Statement Piece Outside of Showroom
Ann Sacks Tile Selections
            That morning we started with a tour to Ann Sacks which the main focus here was to look at all the different tile selections, bathroom fixtures, and vanity options. This tour was extremely helpful for us young designers because I honestly had no idea about how many different materials are used and how diverse all the patterns are. Knowing that this showroom is in the design center makes my job so much easier. I can walk into this showroom knowing I can get all the tile I need, find all my fixtures, and get help from someone who knows their stock.
Century Furniture Bedroom Set
            For the remainder of the day, we toured through a couple different showrooms such as, Grange Furniture , Duralee , and Century Furniture .Looking through these rooms I was able to find certain pieces that I felt would be appropriate for my client, and also find pieces that I can customize just right so I can fill all of my client’s needs. My favorite part of all these tours had to be Grange Furniture. This showroom was staged with many different pieces to show all the custom finishes of each piece designed. You could see the vintage inspired couches, coffee tables, and my personal favorite was the all purpose bookcase. This one book shelf could be designed vertically, could include sliding shelves to incorporate an entertainment center, you can add a sliding ladder, and include three different finishes in one piece. This all sounds so immaculate but then I was told that these bookshelves custom, run up to around 20 thousand dollars and can take 6 months to construct and ship. Having these realities dropped on me was important because I need to pick certain show rooms if I have deadlines but also how important budget is.
Ann Sacks Bathroom Fixture Options
            Overall, my trip to the design center was one that was a huge stepping stone in my design career. I am extremely thrilled to be able to network so early on and develop the best habits to create the best relationships with suppliers. I will certainly be making my own trips to the design center one day and look forward to learning as much as possible in the Interior Architecture Program at Mount Ida College.

Amanda Lombardo, Michael Moriconi, Mary Richards 


Thursday, December 8, 2016


On Tuesday, December 6th the Interior Design Society hosted a relaxing event with the help of Jen Granquist! 

Throughout the event students made various stress relieving items,like Mandala Stones, Clam Bottles (Glitter Jars), etc.

Below are just a number of fun activities students got to do! 

A big Thank You goes out to Jen for helping out so much with this event and for allowing us a time to relax before finals week! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holiday Letter Writing Event

Our Interior Design Society (IDS) teamed up with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and the Associated Student Government (ASG) to create a great event! 30 students from the combined groups volunteered their time to sit in the lobbies of Malloy, New Hall, and Wingate throughout the week of November 28th to December 2nd. 

Throughout that time 250 holiday letters were collected to send to troops overseas! 

Below are a few pictures from the event! 

Stacey and JC

Students had a great time writing letters!

Honored to help out an awesome organization!

Casey, Grace, and Jess!

Thank you to everyone who wrote a letter and to our volunteers:

Corey Staub
David Hunter
Seyward Guthrie
Mackenzie Bumpus
Isabella Coppola
Joseph Arcuri 
Jared Barroso
Julio Barroso
Matthew Jameson
Joachim Noble-Smith
Ryan Burch
Nasira Hassan 
James Wolff
Sam Laferriere
Abby Brand
Sarah Ward
Casey Whitney
Jessica Shaughnesdy
Grace Herron
Parin Darden
Makayla McDonald
Mary Richards 
Michael Moriconi
Makayla MacSaveny
MaryKate Reidy
Rachel Rappa
Breanna Muir 
Imani Bumpus
Cody Burdick
Kailee Lutz
Stacey Marino

And to Operation Troop Support for allowing us the honor of working with them in order to ensure our letters are sent to those deployed overseas! 

Newport Mansions

On Sunday, December 4th Interior Architecture + Design students toured three mansions, The Elms, The Breakers, and the Marble House. We all enjoyed viewing the architecture and this trip sure got us all into the holiday spirit!

Enjoy pictures from our trip below!

The Elms

The Grand Staircase
Front gate is decorated for the holidays!
The Breakers
Waiting for Santa to sit!
The whole crew with Santa! 

Anyone up for cooking Christmas dinner?

The Marble House

Anyone up for a dinner party?

Grand Staircase

For more pictures from our day trip, check out our Facebook page and the album entitled, "Newport Mansions". 

Thank you to the crew of the Newport Mansions for allowing us to tour these beautiful buildings! We all have been inspired throughout the day from the various design elements used throughout! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Furniture Design Chairs

In teams of two, the junior class designed and built chairs for their Furniture Design class with the help of their professor, Daniel Kornrumpf. Take a look at the cool pieces below!

Designed by Grace Herron and Ashley Crosby 
Designed by Megan Jewell and Kerri LaBerge

Designed by Lanna Cohen and Stacey Marino

Designed by MaryKate Reidy and Cassidy Dickeson

Designed by Briegh Mclelland and Ercilia Peres

Friday, November 18, 2016

IIDA NE Fashion Show 2016

The IIDA NE Fashion Show took place on October 20th this year and it was a day full of fun for our Interior Architecture + Design students. Everyone arrived early to volunteer during the set up of the show and stayed late to dance the night away after watching schools and firms walk the runway! 

 The theme of this years show was Coutourism. Augusta Hahnel was inspired by the group of Interior Architecture students who went to Barcelona for a week to study abroad! MaryKate Reidy, Megan Jewell and Cassidy Dickeson were the three models picked to represent Mount Ida College! 

Below are our main inspiration images:

We would like to thank Haworth for sponsoring us for the amazing fashion show! Also, a big thank you to Aleta May Deyo and Alfredo Lujan from our awesome Fashion Department here at Mount Ida College, and our own IA student, Lanna Cohen for doing the model's makeup. All these people helped our design come to life! 

Lanna doing MaryKate's makeup

Megan, Cassidy, and MaryKate

"Let's take a selfie!" 

Our models with IA volunteers 

All our students had a great time dancing all night and were happy to celebrate once the show was over. The following pictures were taken by a professional photographer, Kim Neal. All pictures from the Fashion Show can be viewed on Kim's website

MaryKate Reidy

Megan Jewell

Cassidy Dickeson

Our models with Augusta Hahnel 

Until next year!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tour of Boston Public Library and Trinity Church

On Wednesday, November 2nd the junior Interior Architecture + Design class toured the Boston Public Library and Trinity Church.

First stop was the Library where the students were given an in depth tour which included information on the different type of stones they used to construct building. They learned the symbolism behind the paintings and the statues throughout. 

Grand Staircase

the whole class with the tour guide

One Study Room 

Students looking over balcony of the grand staircase 

Megan Jewell looking out one of the many windows

Add caption

The Courtyard

Beautiful architecture! 

 Ashley Crosby taking pictures

Second stop was the Church where students went on another tour and got to learn more about the history and the many architects involved in the design throughout the years along with those who helped with restorations. 

Entrance of the Trinity Church 

These two tours will help the History of Architecture class to visualize many design features. Thank you to Boston Public Library and Trinity Church for allowing us to tour both these beautiful buildings!